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In 1970, Miguel Libertini starts his activities mechanizing special pieces in automatic lathes with fixed headstock.Very soon and due to market needs, there have been, by that time in the company technological advances like lathes with sliding headstock.

A lot of companies trusted in the service offered by Miguel Libertini, finding in him a qualified supplier for the production of his special pieces, always delivered punctually, receiving good service and complete commercial transparency.

At the beginning of the 90`s decade and following the technological evolution he incorporated his first CNC lathe of Swiss origin, capturing the most demanding market in the production of complex pieces, with delicate endings and high precision.

From then on a a new phase starts, where he did his best adopting the latest newness that the world has generated for this label of the metallurgical industry, having access to a park of CNC lathes of the very best level in order to give answers to the industry`s demands, enlarging and perfecting its capacity of production.

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